Optimize your portfolio for sustainable growth

Pulsora empowers your portcos with seamless ESG & sustainability reporting, ensuring accuracy, sustainability, and growth through integrated data-driven insights.

Managing your portfolio’s ESG performance can feel like herding cats

Spreadsheets or other ad hoc methods just can’t keep up with the complexity of everything you need to juggle.
  • You’re struggling to consolidate data across all your portcos.
  • You’re wasting hours putting together ESG reports.
  • You’re constantly switching between varying metrics tailored to distinct industry niches.
  • You’re unsure if your disclosures would pass an audit.
  • You can’t keep up with the shifting landscape of ESG benchmarks and standards.

Choose a purpose-built ESG management platform that consolidates and simplifies your needs

Pulsora gives you a customized platform that

Spend less time, get more done

Lets portcos manage their own ESG catalogs

Keeps you ahead of changing disclosure requirements

Supports industry-specific metrics and global standards

Offers full audit trails for each metric

Empower your portcos to manage their ESG performance

Equip your portfolio companies with the tools they need to efficiently capture and manage ESG metrics and quickly respond to requests.

Dedicated portco environments

Each portco gets their very own environment to manage their ESG catalogs.

Streamlined data collection

Structured workflows enable portcos to collect data from hundreds of locations, offices, and facilities at once.

APIs and integrations

Portcos can access real-time data from their ERP and accounting systems, supply chain and people management tools, utility providers, and more.

Dynamic data requests

Schedule annual, quarterly, or monthly surveys tailored to your fund’s needs, allowing flexibility based on the unique requirements of each portco.

Your entire portfolio’s ESG data, all in one place

Easily collect and manage ESG metrics across your entire fund.

Fund-level data aggregation

Get an aggregated view of your fund’s ESG performance, or drill down into specific segments or individual portcos.

Tailored metrics

Track metrics aligned with CDP, EDCI, SASB, and other global standards. Customize your data catalog to the unique needs and sectors of your portfolio companies with support for standard-based, industry-specific, and custom metrics.

Simplified data management

Automatically flag errors and inconsistencies, and ensure all data undergoes the necessary reviews and approvals.

Extract insights instantly

Gain immediate access to performance extracts and due diligence data with a simple click, streamlining your decision-making process.

Streamline ESG reporting and compliance

Keep regulators, LPs, and investors abreast of your portfolio’s sustainability performance with compliant and audit-ready reports.

One-click disclosures

Produce accurate ESG and sustainability reports aligned with major regulatory frameworks like GRI, SASB, SFDR, and more, with just a single click.

Audit-ready recordkeeping

All data is readily available for internal or external auditors to review with audit logs and supporting evidence.

Customizable LP reports

Craft tailored LP reports, whether it’s ILPA or a custom format, aligning with specific stakeholder requirements.

Stay ahead of requirements

Disclosure requirements are rapidly changing. We’ll make sure you’re prepared with the metrics and frameworks

Leverage powerful analytics for informed decisions

Dive deep into ESG data trends, monitor performance, and compare benchmarks.

Carbon accounting tools

Comprehensive GHG calculators and industry benchmarks let portcos easily track and record data for GHG Scopes 1, 2, and 3, and compare their performance to their peers.

Predictive analytics

Implement predictive analytics to improve decision-making and gain insights into future trends.


Track and compare your portfolio’s performance against industry benchmarks and global standards.

Pulsora benefits every stakeholder in the investment ecosystem

Private capital firms

Maintain ESG oversight across your portfolio, streamline reporting, and ensure alignment with industry benchmarks and investor expectations.

Portfolio companies

Save time responding to stakeholder requests. Get a holistic view of your ESG performance to stay aligned with your fund’s objectives.

Auditors and consultants

Access detailed provenance, audit logs, and evidence for metrics, simplifying the assurance process.

You need more than makeshift spreadsheets and disjointed tools to make a real impact on your ESG commitments.

Robust compliance

Stay ahead of the curve with evolving sustainability standards, ensuring you’re always audit-ready.

Automated data management

Eliminate manual processes and human errors. Collect, manage, and validate ESG data seamlessly.

Actionable insights

Dive into powerful insights across periods, funds, benchmarks, and more. Understand, analyze, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.

Make sustainability and ESG your competitive advantage

Let Pulsora demonstrate the future of effortless ESG and sustainability management across your portfolio.