Mastering SFDR: Strategies for Seamless Compliance

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The landscape of sustainable finance is undergoing rapid transformation, especially with the introduction of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) in the EU. The reach of this regulation is broad, affecting asset managers and financial market participants both within and outside the EU, pushing for deeper integration of sustainability factors in investment decision-making processes. With critical deadlines looming, preparation is key.

Join Pulsora and Kirkland & Ellis for a comprehensive webinar that dives deep into the nuances of SFDR. Our team of experts will share insights, prevailing trends, and best practices to navigate this evolving landscape.

You’ll discover:

  • An overview of the SFDR and its key implications
  • Steps to formulate an effective implementation strategy tailored to your organization
  • Insights into the proposed Reporting Technical Standards currently under consultation
  • Strategies to identify gaps, harness technology, and upskill your team for SFDR compliance
Rhys Davies, Partner, ESG & Impact, Kirkland & Ellis

Rhys has over 15 years’ experience advising private equity firms, public companies, and project sponsors in relation to a range of environmental, social and governance matters, including ESG and impact investing, green taxonomies, sustainability reporting, climate change, human rights and responsible business practices.

Maddy Foote, Sustainability Regulations Lead, Pulsora

Maddy comes to Pulsora having spent several years as a lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis’ ESG & Impact team, advising private equity clients on ESG matters and disclosures. At Pulsora, Maddy manages the integration of upcoming sustainability regulations and disclosure frameworks into the product.

Nicole Peerless, Head of Business Engagement, Pulsora

Nicole oversees all aspects of client management and leads the customer-facing team at Pulsora. Prior to Pulsora, Nicole worked at the World Economic Forum as the Head of Private Investors.

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