Achieve CSRD compliance with Pulsora

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is fast approaching. Wherever you may be on your sustainability journey, Pulsora can help you achieve and maintain compliance when it matters. Get in touch with our team to learn how.

Gather data and prepare efficiently

Pulsora curates CSRD data collection across your entire organization. Your team can collaborate effectively and focus on the CSRD data that matters for your company.

Meet the CSRD deadline, ensure compliance

CSRD is fast approaching, with official reporting requirements beginning in 2025. Pulsora empowers you to gather extensive data before the deadline to remain compliant and avoid penalties.

Pass audits, no extra work required

The Pulsora platform incorporates auditing and assurance as part of the data collection workflow. With Pulsora, you’re ready to pass audits without extra steps needed.

Pulsora empowers your team to streamline CSRD reporting and maintain compliance

Streamlined CSRD data collection

A completed CSRD disclosure could contain 1,000+ data points. Pulsora includes all required CSRD metrics and you choose the metrics that apply to your organization. The Pulsora platform is configurable, keeps you compliant and empowers your team with automated data collection and validation.

From data to prepared CSRD disclosure in just a few clicks

Go from data collection workflows to a published CSRD disclosure with ease. The Pulsora platform offers turnkey reporting so you can generate your CSRD Sustainability Statement with ease, year over year.

Audit readiness and year-to-year compliance

The Pulsora platform provides audit trails and supporting evidence as you gather data for CSRD. Third-party auditors can easily access Pulsora to review data and conduct audits. And Pulsora keeps up to date with evolving regulations. So if CSRD requirements change from year to year, the Pulsora platform will automatically update to keep you compliant.

Built for enterprise scale

Secure and compliant

Pulsora is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. 
We take extra steps to anonymize, encrypt, and safeguard your data.

Endlessly adaptable

Easily configure to fit your evolving needs, ensuring agility in achieving goals while driving performance.

Collaboration at scale

Empower your partners and affiliates to manage their ESG performance data with unlimited users.

Make sustainability and ESG your competitive advantage

Get a personalized demo with one of our sustainability policy and compliance experts.