Streamline your company’s ESG and sustainability performance

Pulsora streamlines your reporting, data collection, and assurance, providing a unified platform for comprehensive sustainability management.

Managing your company’s sustainability metrics shouldn’t be a maze of confusion.

Spreadsheets or other ad hoc methods just can’t keep up with the complexity of everything you need to juggle.
  • You’re struggling to consolidate data across all your facilities and locations.
  • You’re wasting weeks putting together sustainability reports.
  • Your team is bogged down with back-and-forth data verifications.
  • You can’t keep up with the shifting landscape of ESG regulations and frameworks.

Choose a purpose-built sustainability management platform that consolidates and simplifies your needs

Pulsora gives you a customized platform that:

Streamlines corporate sustainability reporting

Facilitates data collection from across the value chain

Keeps you ahead of changing disclosure requirements

Ensures accurate and traceable data through full audit trails

Seamless, accurate, and comprehensive data collection

Single source of truth

Say goodbye to a million different spreadsheets. Aggregate and standardize all your sustainability data all in one place.

Empower subsidiaries

Enable facilities and departments to contribute data without the countless back-and-forth emails.

Integrated ecosystem

Integrate your business systems, from ERP to HR, for automated data collection.

Transform raw data into actionable insights

Year-over-year comparisons

Gain insights into year-over-year data changes, making comparisons meaningful and actionable.

Insightful dashboards

Get an at-a-glance view of your ESG performance through intuitive dashboards, facilitating better decision-making.

Deep dive analysis

Understand the nuances of your ESG metrics. Use powerful analytics tools to discover patterns, anomalies, and areas of improvement.

Streamlined reporting for various frameworks

One-click reporting

Produce error-free corporate sustainability reports with a single click. Whether you’re adhering to SASB, GRI, CDP, DJSI, or others, we have you covered.

Stay up to date

With the constantly evolving ESG & sustainability landscape, Pulsora ensures that you’re always compliant with the latest standards and frameworks.

Transparency assured

Provide auditors, stakeholders, and other external entities with clear data provenance, change logs, and evidence, ensuring transparency and trust.

Pulsora delivers value to every level of your organization

Corporate leadership

Drive your company’s sustainability vision with reliable, up-to-date data. Make informed decisions that steer the organization towards sustainable growth.

Sustainability teams

Streamline your workflow, eliminate redundant processes, and ensure every report reflects the highest standards of accuracy and transparency.

Subsidiaries and departments

Enjoy a seamless platform that simplifies data provisioning, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the board.

Drive actionable insights and create a sustainable future with data-driven decisions

Assured compliance

Meet regulatory requirements, respond confidently to surveys, and produce accurate annual reports.

Evolving with the industry

Adapt to changing ESG and sustainability metrics and frameworks without missing a beat.

Real-time insights

Dive deep into insights across different periods, business verticals, and geographies without the need for cumbersome data extracts.

Make sustainability your competitive advantage

Let Pulsora demonstrate the future of effortless ESG and sustainability management.